If you are an aspiring student looking to broaden your horizon, the Erasmus program may be the perfect opportunity for you. And if Jena, Germany is your preferred destination, the learning agreement Erasmus Jena is an essential part of the application process that you need to know about.

The learning agreement Erasmus Jena is essentially a contract that outlines the courses you plan to take during your study abroad semester at Friedrich Schiller University Jena. This agreement serves as a guarantee that your credits earned during the study period will be recognized by your home university when you return. It also ensures that the courses you choose align with your home university`s curriculum and academic requirements.

To create a solid learning agreement Erasmus Jena, you need to follow the steps outlined below:

1. Consult with Your Academic Advisor

Before choosing your courses, it is essential to speak with your academic advisor at your home institution. They will help you determine your academic requirements, evaluate the courses that interest you and ensure they are transferable. You will also need to know the maximum number of credits allowed by your home university for a study abroad program.

2. Research Jena`s Course Offerings

After consulting with your academic advisor, you should research the courses offered at Friedrich Schiller University Jena in your field of study. Jena offers numerous courses in different fields, including Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Economics, Education, and Natural Sciences.

3. Choose Your Courses

Once you have researched available courses, you can begin to select the courses that meet your academic requirements and interests. It would be best to consider the course`s workload, language of instruction, course level and availability of prerequisites.

4. Submit Your Learning Agreement

After you have selected your courses, you need to fill out the learning agreement form and confirm it with your home university and Friedrich Schiller University Jena. The agreement must include your full name, home university details, the period of study, and the course titles, among other details.

In conclusion, the learning agreement Erasmus Jena is an essential document that ensures a smooth study abroad experience. By following the steps outlined above, you can create a comprehensive learning agreement that meets your academic requirements and interests, and ensures that you receive credit for your study abroad experience. Good luck!